Active Shooter Preparation

Take steps now to protect your business and employees from the tragedy of an unexpected shooter on company property. Reassure your workers of their safety before fear negatively influences productivity.

Shootings in the workplace and public spaces have prompted school leaders, government agencies and many business owners to attend seminars, workshops and training sessions about the problem.

And whether you like it or not, in the first 10 to 15 minutes of an Active Shooter situation before law enforcement arrives, you are on your own.

Do you have concerns and questions about how to provide a safe working environment?  If you do, QBS As-Builts has solutions that you can afford and implement without major construction or extended time away from your business:

  • Safe room location identified and outfitted with necessary protective materials to shield your employees in case of a shooter.
  • Precise floor plans indentify the safest location with fewest windows in case of shooters or flying glass during tornadoes.
  • Accurate floor plans with emergency egress paths away from flammable materials can form the basis of an emergency evacuation plan for your office or facility in case of fire, tornadoes, hurricanes or shooters.
  • Evaluation of facility from a safety perspective. How vulnerable does the layout of your office make your employees and what can be shifted to protect them?
  • An accurate As-Built electronic floor plan drawing in the hands of fire and police personnel gives them information they need to locate Active Shooters and your employees quickly and efficiently.

Your emergency plan and the layout of your facility can save someone’s life and protect your business. Reassure your employees that you are taking steps to make the working environment as safe as possible with their best interest in mind. Protect yourself, too. Lawsuits resulting from Active Shooter incidents are a real threat to your business, be proactive and take precautions to reduce the chances of injuries and legal actions.

Think safety for your employees and business. Contact QBS today.

Everything Starts with a Good Plan