How can an Active Shooter Emergency Plan protect my employees and my business?

First, an As-Built Drawing is the basis for an emergency plan. Emergency preparedness means that every employee knows exactly what to do, who to call and where to go in the event of an active shooter on the property. This plan is exceedingly important because in the first several minutes, before authorities are even aware, you and your personnel are on your own. Your plan could save lives.

An As-Built Drawing in the hands of first responders means that information can be accurately relayed and the location of both the Active Shooter and innocent victims can be determined and addressed immediately. Time is of the essence.

Before an Active Shooter situation arises, QBS As-Builts can help determine ways to make the building safer. By reviewing things like site lines, adding security doors, bullet-resistant panels and doors, and creating actual safe rooms, you can give everyone a greater chance to escape injury or death before authorities arrive.

When employees see you have a plan in place to protect them, they appreciate that. It’s a way to show you care.