Why would anyone need an As-Built Drawing?

Value. Value is an important number when it comes to property. And the value of a building for sales or leasing purposes is calculated on the square footage of usable space. If that square footage is incorrect, someone is getting cheated – either getting more or less than what is truly due.

Accurate Dimensions. Accuracy of measurements has another purpose. Every remodel, renovation or interior design or plan is based on dimensions. If those dimensions are not accurate, the owner may not be in compliance with building codes and restrictions and the cost of changes could be increased due to additional materials needed or problems with construction fit.

Changing Technology. As-Built Drawings are especially important for building more than 25 years old. Technology has advanced and measurements are much more accurate now than ever before. Electronic drawings did not exist then and measurements were taken with rulers. An electronic As-Built Drawing would accurately reflect the true dimension of the building.

Safety. Also, but not least important is the safety issue. When there is an emergency, first responders would benefit from knowing the exact layout of the building. (See How do As-Built Drawings impact safety?)

Efficiency. Efficiency in office interactions and work flow can be improved with an As-Built Drawing. A work flow analysis can identify where workers and materials are backtracking and intersecting taking more time and effort and reducing productivity. Consider a factory line. The product goes down the line and each part is placed on in a specific order and manner. There are no bottlenecks, no confusion, no question of what point the product is in. Offices and work can be designed the same way.